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ISO9001 Certification
High-tech enterprise of Guangdong
Drafting member of National Building Waterproof Standard
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Product name Features and Usages Emulsion type Tg ℃ MFT ℃ Viscosity CPS (Brinell Viscometer,25℃) Solid % PH Value TDS MSDS
AT-3398 1.Excellent adhesive power and polished 2.Made for wood piants pimer Styrene Acrylic 39 34 35000-40000(Brinell Viscometer 4#/12rps) 48-50 7.5-9.5
AT-3460 1.The high glosses and excellent polished; 2.made for wood coating paints Versatate Acrylate 55 45 0-200(Brinell Viscometer;3#/60rpm) 44-46% 5.5-7.5
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China Factory
Add: Minan Industrial Zone,Nantou,Zhongshan, Guangdong,P.R.China
Tel:+86 760 23132375/23114536
Fax:+86 760 23132305/23114537

UK Representative Office
Tel:+44 158 2893387
Fax:+44 158 2597587

Foot Information

Add: Minan lndustrial Zone, Nantou,Zhongshan, Guangdong, P.R.China Tel:86-760-23122558粵ICP備18113893號
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